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Venue1The Meeting will take place in the Masaryk's College, Prague. It is easily accessible by the city transport (subway line A – 10 minutes to the center), easily accessible from Prague Airport (10 minutes by taxi, 15 minutes by city bus). It is in walking distance from the Prague Castle ~ 15 minutes). There is a restaurant in the building offering lunches for the conference participants. The College offers relatively cheap accommodation in standard hotel rooms (double room ~ 48 EUR, single room ~ 37 EUR, early reservation necessary).Venue2

Recommended hotels

Please make your own reservation as soon as possible.

Near the conference place (a few minutes by foot):

Hotel Diplomat
from 86 EUR per single room (quick reservation)
Hotel DAP from 60 EUR per single room
Hotel Silenzio from 80 EUR per single room
Hotel Denisa
from 66 EUR per single room
Hotel Krystal
(10 minutes by tram, but not in the city centre)
from 35 EUR per single room


City centre (15 minutes by public transport):

Hotel Prague Castle from 109 EUR per single room
Hotel At The Three Drums from 128 EUR per double room (no single rooms available)


Cheap accomodation for students:


 Please check out the following link:


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