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Provisional Charter of the International Working Group on Rotational Seismology (pdf)

Feb. 10, 2007


1. Name:  International Working Group on Rotational Seismology (IWGoRS)

2. Purposes:  To promote investigations of all aspects of rotational motions in seismology and their implications for many fields, such as, earthquake engineering, geodesy, strong-motion seismology, tectonics, etc., and to share experience, data, software, and results in an open Web-based environment (  In addition, to disseminate information on all matters pertaining to rotational motions through publications and by holding meetings and workshops, and to interact with professional bodies in engineering and science.

3. Sponsorship:  We will seek support from funding agencies and professional societies.  Initially, we will organize several task forces within the Working Group to demonstrate that there is general, worldwide interest in rotational seismology.  Eventually, the IWGoRS or its successor may be proposed formally, e. g., to the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI).

We will explore funding of a rotational seismology workshop from the United States (e. g., U.S. Geological Survey, and National Science Foundation) and the European Union among others.

4. Organizational Structure:  Our initial structure is informal.  There are two “co-organizers” — Heiner Igel (University of Munich, Germany) and William H. K. “Willie” Lee (U. S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California), and a group of “active members”.  An active member either leads and/or actively participates with a specific task force.  Anyone who is interested but will not actively participate may become an “associate member” to be placed on our e-mail list.

5. Task Forces:  At the start, we established several task forces.  Missions for the first two task forces had been completed and results will be posted on our website. Anyone interested is encouraged to lead and organize one of these task forces.  Task forces are intended to solve a problem or achieve a well defined goal.  A task-force leader in turn organizes and coordinates his/her task force. These task forces are listed on the IWGoRS web pages.

6. Final Charter: Any active members are welcome to make comments and suggestions on this Provisional Charter.  We plan to finalize it at our next Workshop.


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