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Strong Motion

Chair: Misha Trifunac, USC, Los Angeles.

Planned activities:

  1. Preparing guidelines and recommendations for how and where to record rotational strong motions.
  2. Promoting establishment of several full-scale laboratories for measurement of rotational strong motions in buildings and on bridges, dams, and lifelines, as well as in the free field (near and far).
  3. Developing data processing methods for processing 6DOF strong-motion records.
  4. Developing software for synthetic generation of realistic rotational accelerograms, to facilitate engineering studies of the associated structural response.
  5. Field laboratory for observing rotational motions, particularly in the near field (Bor-Shouh Huang, Academia Sinica, Taipei) B. S. Huang, W. H. K. Lee, C. C. Liu, C. F. Wu, and Y. M. Wu are planning extensive near-field measurements with rotational and other sensors at two free-field sites in Taiwan. They intend to develop these sites into an international field laboratory for rotational seismology with enough local support that anyone interested in making observations or analyzing the data collected will be welcome to participate.

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