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Task Forces

The IWGoRS is divided into several task forces focusing on certain aspects of rotational seismology (plus some management issues) . Task forces are specific actions that are led by one or several scientists, with additional members if desire.  Anyone can propose a new task force or join an existing one. Each task force posts their products (e.g., information, technical reports, data, software, etc.) on this website for open sharing as soon as practical.  The task force leader(s) are responsible for the administration of contents and communicating any relevant issues to the IWGoRS community through the  mail list.

Previous Task Forces

2006-1: AGU Session on Rotational Seismology with Inauguration Luncheon (Todorovska, Lee, Igel)

Current Task Forces

2006-2: Testing and verification of multiple rotational sensors (Nigbor, Evans, Lee)

2006-3: Broadband observations with ring-laser systems (Igel, Vernon, Schreiber)

2006-4: Web-based archiving and processing for multicomponent observations (Wassermann, Igel)

2007-1: Field laboratory for observing rotational motions  (Huang, Lee)

Planned Task Forces

Theory (Cochard, Majewski)

Strong motion, earthquake engineering (Trifunac)

IWGoRS workshop in Europe 2009 (Igel, Schreiber, Cochard)


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