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About IWGoRS:

The International Working Group on Rotational Seismology (IWGoRS) intents to promote, plan and share scientific investigations covering all degrees of freedom of the seismic wave field by extending conventional translational recordings with observations of strain and rotations.  These additional observables, enabled by new instrumentation has implications “for related fields” such as,


IWGoRS furthermore intends to share experience, data, software, and results in an open Web-based environment.

In addition, to disseminate information on all matters pertaining to rotational motions through publications and by holding meetings and workshops, and to interact with professional bodies in engineering and science. A provisional charter containing the goals, structure, and task groups of IGWoRS is available.

How to Join?

If you are interested in receiving information on events, publications or generally any progress in rotational seismology, we dearly recommend to join the group and subscribe to the MAILING LIST.Note that only INSTITUTIONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES are accepted!

Contributing Information

In case you find this website is missing any information on rotational seismology, an upcoming or past event, teaching material, links to a related project or experiment, ... please CONTACT US and let us know!