5th IWGoRS Meeting at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, 22-26 September, 2019


The 5th IWGoRS workshop will be held at the Teacher's Hostel, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. The workshop will focus on any aspect of rotational ground motion including the recording of rotations, instrumentation, earthquake sources, non-standard rheologies, inverse problems, geodesy, earthquake engineering, long-period seismology, array-derived rotation, noise-correlation studies, ring laser technology, Earth's rotation, problems of fundamental physics and others. Information on registration, programme, organisational details will follow soon. Registration now open, click here. The workshop is sponsored by the Academia Sinica and iXblue.

Scientific Steering Committee:

  • Prof. Ullrich Schreiber (TU Munich, Germany)

  • Prof. Frank Vernon (IGPP, La Jolla, USA)

  • Prof. Johana Brokesova (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Prof. Johan Robertsson (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Prof. Zbig Zembaty (Opole University, Poland)

  • Dr. Valdimir Graizer (NRC Washington, USA)


Organizing Committe: 

  • Bor-Shouh Huang

  • Chin-Jen Lin

Invited Speakers (to be confirmed):

  • Nori Nakata, Oklahoma

  • Toshiro Tanimoto, UC St. Barbara

  • Raphael Garcia, Toulouse

  • Cedric Schmelzbach, ETH Zurich

  • Celine Hadziioannou, Hamburg

  • Philippe Gueguen, Grenoble

  • Celine Hadziioannou, Hamburg

  • Heiner Igel, Munich