3rd IWGoRS Workshop


The 3rd IWGoRS workshop aims at bringing together everyone interested in rotational ground motions. This includes seismic instrumentation, earthquake sources and non-standard stress-strain relations, the theory of wave propagation and inverse problems for structure and source

Ground motion and earthquake engineering, long-period seismology, noise correlation studies, and any other area of application such as general physics. The Meeting takes place from  September 22-25, 2013 in Christchurch, NZ. Registration is open shortly.

The programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.


Gebauer et al: Locally wind Induced rotational Motions in Large Ring Laser 'G'

Belfi: "G-Pisa" Ring Laser Gyroscope: Present and Future Activity

Brokesova et al: Six-degree-of-freedom seismic records in epicentral regions of shallow microearthquakes 

Chiu: Scaling Relationship of Rotation-Motion Effects

Hurst et al: Ring Laser Gyroscope Measurement of Absolute Earth Rotation Rate

Igel et al: Weak Motion Rotational Seismology Using Ring Laser Observations 

Malek et al: Rotational Wavefield from an Anthropogenic S-wave source

Rossi et al: Eurocode 8 estimation of rotational ground motion effects on the Bell Tower of Parma Cathedral

Schreiber et al: Recent Advances in High Resolution Rotation Sensing 

Velikoseltsev et al: Calibration of rotation sensors for application in seismology

Zembaty et al: Application of Horizon HZ 100-100 Rotation Rate Sensors in Structural Damage Detection

Jaroszewicz et al: Fiber Optics System for Rotational Events&Phenomena Monitoring